tobacco substitutes

We are currently four ways to replace tobacco.

1. Nicotine-free tobacco on the basis of cane sugar are available from different manufacturers. Please refer to our category "nicotine-free tobacco". The most popular outdoor nicotine tobacco manufacturers are Soex (sugarcane) and Oriental Tobacco (this producer from Germany provides nicotine-free as well as with nicotine tobacco to offset), both of which are very popular with our customers.

2. The currently healthiest option, there is no smoking here special steamed.
The steam stones stones from Shiazo, Bigg Steam Stones are mineral stone base, which then get the flavor on the flavor molasses. Since this is no tobacco, they must be smoking in enclosed spaces and also sold to persons under 18 years of age. Another advantage is that they can be reused a few times, sparing her purse. You need the molasses them collected 24 h no, the steam stones can be used immediately.

3. Steam paste True Cloudz or Hookah Squeeze: this is ganau used like other tobacco substitute, just exclude them in the head (can also be used together with tobacco, this is particularly suitable a Flathead, which suggests how the name is particularly flat and an increase in the middle has). These are freely available and smoke properly.

4. Steam pearls of Bigg, they work just like the steam stones, but it should be geacvhtet that no Tabkkopf is used which has the holes on the bottom!...

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