How I smoke hookah instructions

1. Fill half the water in the bottle / Bowl

1. Insert or turn the smoke column with the dip tube on the bottle neck, make sure that the appropriate seal therebetween seated. The end of the column of smoke should now extend at least 2 cm into the water. The deeper it is the pillar of smoke in the water, the greater the force required for pulling. Tip: We recommend you to use cool water and ice cubes ... or to give.

2. Fill the tobacco bowl with tobacco or a tobacco substitute. Between the aluminum foil or charcoal screen a little air should remain. The head fill dan with their tobacco or of tobacco substitutes. Make sure that the filling is placed loosely beautiful. Since the imported hookah tobacco may have the German tobacco regulation, a maximum moisture content of 5% (by weight), you should be moistened their tobacco or of tobacco substitutes with molasses or glycerol. Please refer to the recommendations of us who are in the detailed descriptions of each pipe tobacco, or read our humectant Guide.

3. Prepare the tape head There are some ways to prepare a head. We call them here the Most Common. Enclose the filled head (upper part) with aluminum foil, depending on how much heat the tobacco needs or tolerates and delivers the coal. Now push with a needle about 20 holes nicely distributed in the upper area. When the tobacco smoky too fast, this gets too much heat, put the film on this 2 or 3 layers. The baying of the holes may also play an important role in the uniform combustion.

4. lighting the charcoal to bring the coal to glow, but just can be very difficult. With the right tool, however, no problem. The choice of coal is crucial for you. There are fast-igniting charcoal (Instant Lite), you get very comfortable with a small Bunsen burner or lighter in an instant glow, this sometimes, however, has the property that some scrapes while smoking. The other possibility is the nature of coal which is to glow at the top with large Bunsen burners. Important: Be sure to wait until the charcoal is glowing completely. Note also that the coal is not too small for the sound head. The used on most carbon tablet has an average size of 40 mm. ! Please note that a fresh air supply is possible! We will advise you again in more detail in our coal Guide.

5. Setting up of the head Replace the head with the head gasket on the head adapter (column of smoke) to ensure that coal does not slip down later. Make sure that it is secure and can not slip. Now proceed with the coal tongs coal first centered on the perforated aluminum foil and then put it with the help of the coal tongs always a little so that the tobacco is not heated on one side and burns. The ash plate can be used as a coal tong holder, forceps holder or ashtray. Once you have pulled through the tube three to four times vigorously, the first smoke is coming out. However, the hookah smoke is just as well go with the pipe in his mouth. For the best flavor ever moisten your tongue and keep close to the mouthpiece. Is! Importantly, always a fresh air supply is guaranteed!

6. We wish them now enjoy shisha smoking. Your team

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