Do I moisten my tobacco and molasses or glycerol should I give it?

By the German tobacco regulation of imported tobacco must a maximum moisture content of 5% have (by weight). However, in other countries, the moisture content is much higher (between 20 and 25% by weight), so we recommend you to commercially in Germany shisha tobacco with humectants to moisten. This can be implemented with an appropriately matching molasses owned (with a matching flavor flavor), or a 99.5% glycerol. Glycerin is responsible for the development of smoke, tasteless and contained in each molasses. Currently we are working for the item descriptions of all varieties of tobacco and add an appropriate recommendation for the addition. A principle does not exist, because the Tabksorten from manufacturer to manufacturer absorb the moisturizer. For absolute beginners we recommend to take the same taste for humidification (eg .: Tobacco Melon 50 gr + 3 -.. 5 teaspoons molasses or glycerol), however, like to try how the tobacco tastes when it mixed with another flavor will.

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